img_0037I have spent more than two decades focused on one thing:  history.  As a AP history teacher, a lawyer, and a genealogist, history has been my thing.   I have been mired in my own tree, helped
research others’ trees, and don’t get me started on genetic genealogy.  Oh, and I also attend conferences, read books, etc.  And, I’m addicted to it.  It’s fun — kinda like a puzzle.  It’s a history puzzle.

Lots of people like to do genealogy and just connect names — I like to connect stories.  Why did they move there?  What did they do??

Don’t let my casual nature put you off — I’m serious about the whole process — (must be the teacher in me).

Anyway, I’m hoping I can share some of my enthusiasm for genealogy onto these pages — it’s going to be part my tree, part others’ trees, part cool things I found on genealogy, and the like.

So, I’m looking forward to comments and fun discussions 🙂

Happy hunting!


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