Mr. Peck, who are you and what have you done with my family?

So I am the world’s most disorganized genealogist.  Just sayin’.  I get started on a line (and I have so many of them) and I keep going on that line until I’m exhausted mentally.  There’s probably a better methodology to it than what I’ve been doing.  But it’s worked for 17 years, so why stop now?

I began to work on my Bane/Bayne/Bain line — seems that those Banes married Reeds, who married a Smith, who married a Peck . . . and you know what they say about Pecks — Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers and all that.

my cartoonish drawing of Peck genealogy

My cartoonish drawing of Peck genealogy

Seriously, the guy was a Puritan!  He arrived in Hingham, Massachusetts in 1638 with his older brother, the Rev. Robert Peck, Jr., who was leaving Norfolk, England because he was being persecuted by the Church of England.

Very cool stuff.  I sooo want to find out more about this family.

The ironic thing is, is my dad is a priest with the Church of England — I guess what comes around goes around.



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